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ALL-ON-4™Immediate Function Implants for edentulous patient


ALL-ON-4™Immediate An All-on-4/5/6 Dental Implant is a process that is the ideal solution for people who have just lost the lower and upper set of teeth. You can have new teeth that are permanent by opting for this procedure. It is very easy to maintain and clean these new teeth in natural way. This process uses four(or five/or six) dental implants in order to attach the permanent set for replacement of the teeth. It helps in designing the immediate functioning and typically does not require grafting of the bones. By adapting such a procedure, one can lack bone volume that is required for supporting traditional implants and helps in enjoying the advantages of fixed solution of missing teeth.Today, with the advancement of technology, one can replace the teeth and get back home on the same day with a complete new set of teeth.


Mini Dental Implants or MDIs are also being offered in our clinic. They are an alternative treatment or solution for individuals who cannot afford conventional implants. These dental implants are proved to be safe clinically and can be used for long term denture stabilization. They can be placed surgically with a very easy process. These dental implants are also very helpful in stabilizing loose dentures. They are designed for maintaining stability in dense and soft bones which is quite essential for immediate loading. This type of dental implants have smaller device diameter (less than 3 millimeters). The diameter of an MDI is generally between 1.8 mm to 2.9mm. It also has various lengths. The length is more important than diameter in mini implants because the pull out power is actually based on length of the device.

Careful planning is needed before a mini dental implant. Before the surgery, a patient must go through several testing and treatment and even after the operation. Advantages of a Mini Dental Implant includes a very minimal intrusive procedure, the procedure does not require bone grafting, the implants are immediate-loading, and they are very economical.

ALL-ON-4™Immediate“Let me first say that the staff is very efficient, friendly and helpful. My teeth right now feel a lot more comfortable and it has only been TOTALLY 6 days from my poor old natural teeth to very strong teeth with new ALL on 4 implants!!
My experience in your clinic was very relaxed and was always made to feel as comfortable as possible under the conditions. The doctors where very informative and understanding towards my needs. Special thanks to Dr. Bob and Dr. Rudjapas who did All on 4 implants. I feel he went out of his way to make me feel at home and he succeeded I feel like i have new Friend! Now I can chew and taste my food properly again. That's probably the most important thing, after all”


John Lever Canada

He had serious gum problem. He visited his gum dentist many times for various kind of special gum treatments. He paid a lot to keep them. Unluckily, his teeth were still weak, and he was devastated and fell into depression. The turning point came when he had All on 4 immediate dental implants installed. Full fixed strong permanent teeth were fitted in both his jaws in only 3 days after the implant inserted. He was overwhelmed by the result.


Dental Implant VDO Testimonial Case

Ms.Caroline Thomson ALL ON 6

Mr. John Trail ALL ON 6

Ms. Susan Friedman / USA.Treatment : Immediate Implant+All ON 4/6

  Well, I have been back in the U S A for about 3 weeks now and I could not be happier with my totally NEW TEETH AND SMILE!  I had a whole lot of dental work done in a very short period of time - just under 2 weeks!

  I did some very drastic work - removal of 17 teeth, 5 implants for an "Immediate" full upper set of permanent teeth and a denture (for now anyway) for the full bottom teeth!  Yes, this was all done in less then 2 weeks.

  I was in contact with the Sea Smile Dental Clinic prior to my arrival into Phuket, so everything was ready to go.  I went for a check, x rays and consult on day 1 and on day 2, the teeth were extracted, on day 3, the implants were done and then from there it was just a matter of getting all the "Teeth" put in and adjusted. 

  The treatment was wonderful by every person on staff at the Clinic - Dr. Tan, who was my "Primary" Dentist was absolutely wonderful!  She is caring, fabulous at what she does and works many, many hours to make her patients happy!  She is also a "Perfectionist"-a very good thing for her patients!!!!

  I had another Dentist who did the extraction of the teeth-I apologize that I do not know her name, but she was great!  The Implant Surgery Dentist flew in from Bangkok to do my implant surgery and he was excellent also.

  My experience at SEA SMILE DENTAL was a very positive one.  My outcome, as I hope you can see, was excellent and I am so pleased with the whole experience.  The front desk ladies and the dental assistants also deserve a well deserved "Thank You!".  They were extremely helpful and caring too.

So, in closing, I just want to say to SEA SMILE DENTAL - "See you next year!" and hope you have a Good Year! WITH MANY, MANY THANKS, Susan Friedman, U S A