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There are a lot of benefits when you opt for dental bridges as a solution to your missing tooth or teeth. More than that of improving the way you smile and the shape of your face, they also address a lot of factors concerning your dental health like shifting or jaw problems. Dental bridges also restores the ability to chew food properly and speak your words appropriately. Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges remain in the mouth at all times so you wont have to worry about them falling as you speak or eat. Compared with dental implants, they are more viable in terms of cost-effectiveness and treatment time.


  1. They restore the appearance and functionality of your missing tooth.
  2. They only require around two to three appointments for the whole treatment.
  3. They last longer, if not a lifetime, when provided with proper maintenance and good oral hygiene.
  4. They make you look and feel good inside and out and improves your over-all dental health.


You will notice that after teeth preparation (the ones which will serve as abutments) there would be a temporary crowns or bridge capped over them. This temporary bridge would serve as protection for your prepared teeth while your final bridge is being created in our lab and they are attached only with a tempoary adhesive so they prone to come off lest you are careful. If ever that happens, you can call or visit our clinic so we will put it back for you. This would be a very minor procedure and wont take much of your time.

It is also important to stay away from consuming sticky foods like gum etc. This would only be for the meantime until your final bridge is attached, and after that you will be able to function normally.

Also after teeth preparation, you may find some slight sensitivity in them, especially when they are subsequently exposed to hot or cold temperatures. It is recommended to avoid exposing them to sudden changes in temperature.

It is mostly important to maintain good dental hygiene to prevent further tooth decay but it

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