At Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic, we make sure that your smile is as healthy as it looks. Not only do we bring back that great smile to enhance your appearance but we also restore the functionality of your teeth.

Dental Crowns are restorations that protect damaged, cracked or broken down teeth. A crown strengthens your existing damaged tooth so as to preserve its functionality. Dental crowns are also commonly known as caps (because a crown sits over your existing tooth, covering the entire outer surface). Grinding your teeth, an improper bite, age, fillings and tooth decay can all be contributing factors in the wearing down, cracking or breakage of your teeth. Dental crowns cover the entire visible surface of your affected tooth and add strength, durability and tooth stability.

All Ceramic/Full Porcelain Crowns. All ceramic or full porcelain crowns are considered the most beautiful crown that a tooth

can get today. Porcelain is a kind of ceramic built by firing and stacking while ceramic refers to porcelain only. Pure porcelain is the only crown which can give that natural or translucent look to the tooth. The major drawback in using all porcelain crowns for restoring the front tooth is that the expertise required to place them is very challenging but still are placed there for their aesthetic appeal. They are translucent in color and generally, their color is influenced by the tooth under them.

Dental Crowns

Gold Crowns can be considered if appearance is not a priority to you. They are not a very popular choice among patients as it does not have much aesthetic appeal. They are suitable for patients who are in the habit of biting strong food substances along with clenching and grinding. Gold crowns offer increased durability and are suitable for the back teeth like the molars so that they are not visible. Gold crowns are a comfortable and safe option to choose as it is very compatible with the interiors of the mouth. The chances of allergic reactions are minimal in this case. Another important advantage of using gold for crowning is that the rate at which gold contracts and expands is similar to that of natural tooth. This prevents the gold from cracking, chipping and breaking away from the tooth. Also, the smoothness and purity of gold is commendable and does not stain or darken over time.

Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns. For a more natural appearance compared to gold crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns are the answer. PFM crowns can be referred to as full-cast crowns which has porcelain fused on most or all parts of the tooth. Metal alloys with a high melting temperature are used to fuse porcelain to the surface and preventing the metal from melting. This ensures the porcelain to bond without changing its color. Porcelain crowns are the most preferred crowns as they easily match the color of the adjacent teeth better than gold or other metallic crowns. PFM crowns are nothing but a hybrid between porcelain and metal crowns. Initially a metal shell is prepared which can fit perfectly over the concerned tooth. Then a porcelain veneer is fused on the metal shell which gives the crown a natural looking appearance. The best part of these crowns is the stability and strength which is unmatched to any other restorations available today. PFM is a preferred choice when bridges for the long run are required and bruxism (night grinding) is a problem.

Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic, offers the Best Restoration Products

At Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic, we carry and use both IPS E.max All Ceramic Restoration System and Zirconia Crowns that gives us the capability to deliver the highest quality aesthetics simply, affordably, and quickly by combining industrialized production processes with versatile and individualized aesthetics.We also have our own dental lab and can offer Cerec Porcelain Crowns in an hour. These Porcelain Crowns are milled while you wait and are made using a 3D computer scan of your mouth, teeth, and smile. At Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic, we always provide you with the best options to bring out that brilliant smile you deserve