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A sparkling white smile not only exudes confidence and makes you feel excellent on the inside and out, but it helps you makes a lasting first impression. If your smile has gotten dull over the years due to stained or discoloured teeth caused by drinking coffee, or tea, smoking, medication, or by just getting older, Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic offers professional whitening techniques that gives you results that you'll notice immediately because our goal is to help you bring back that dazzling bright smile that you deserve.


Laser Tooth Whitening or In-surgery Whitening is a procedure that takes place at our dental clinic. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), a chemical containing oxidizing agents that penetrate and breaks down stain deposits to eliminate discoloration in our teeth, is the most accepted active ingredient for bleaching. Unfortunately, bleaching with hydrogen peroxide alone takes time because it does not decompose readily. In line with this, a light-activated bleaching gel (Laser Whitening Gel) was developed in such a way that when combined hydrogen peroxide, becomes a solution responsive to specific laser wavelengths resulting in a rapid production of free oxygen radicals to eliminate discoloration of the teeth. Hence, the procedure takes only approximately 1 to 2 hours and produces instant whitening results.

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