Dental fillings

At Smile Studio Phuket Dental Clinic, we offer a technique called Dental Bonding which can transform your smile in just a single visit. This treatment combines the skillful and artistic use of Tooth-Colored Fillings (Composite Dental Fillings), a moldable material with a paste-like consistency made from a mixture of a plastic-based resin with inorganic glass filler. A coupling agent is used to enhance the bond between the two components. The glass filler provides wear resistance and translucency for both strength and esthetics. The ratio of the mixture between the plastic matrix to the glass filler varies depending on the circumstance it is to be used for. Dental Bonding is generally used for filling dental cavities, replacing metal or amalgam fillings, repairing broken or chipped teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and reshaping teeth. We also use this procedure for our smile makeovers.

Tooth-Colored Fillings can be applied mostly to any healthy tooth structure. They are bonded to the teeth through microscopic undercuts in the natural tooth substance that allow the tooth enamel and the composite filling to function and look like one piece. They can be customized in a wide range of tooth colors that allows us to perfectly match the color with your existing teeth and with our artistic cosmetic dentists they can be made to look very natural and lifelike.

tooth color fillting Tooth-Colored Fillings have a lot of advantages when compared to metal or amalgam (silver) fillings like an improved appearance, a more conservative preparation, and greater use of the existing tooth to support the restoration. They can be placed quite quickly and easily because they require minimal tooth drilling. Research also shows that dental composite fillings strengthen the tooth structure and protect it from further decay.


tooth color fillting Not all dental bonding procedures requires local anaesthetic, but if there is a need to, the dentist will first numb the area surrounding the tooth by injecting a local anaesthetic into the gum area. The tooth surface where the dental composite will be applied will be thoroughly cleaned as the composite needs a clean surface to bond to. The tooth is kept dry by surrounding it with a rubber dam while it is being shaped or roughened by the dentist using a special tool. The surface of the tooth is then applied with an acid-based gel, which provides a better surface for the dental composite to adhere to. The dental composite is then applied to the tooth surface and exposed to a special curing light, which activates the composite to harden and set. The bonding agent is often applied to the tooth in several thin layers until the desired shape, translucency and texture is achieved. The final step of the procedure involves polishing and buffing the composite to give the desired shape and smooth finish.

Mercury-Free Dental Clinic

During the middle 1800s, Metal or Amalgam fillings were discovered by dentists who realized that mercury and silver could be combined and used to fill a tooth after the decay was removed. It is common knowledge that mercury is a toxic substance. So it is understandable that many people are concerned with having mercury placed in their mouth due to the potential that exists for negative health effects. Thanks to the continuous development of technology and advancement of techniques in dentistry, a mercury-free option was developed. Composite Resin Dental Fillings or Tooth-Colored Fillings, made from plastic dental resin combined with porcelain and glass particles, were created and proven to be a durable alternative to Amalgam fillings, even on back teeth. Along with the discovery, the bonding technology used to place these mercury-free fillings also progressed which enabled tooth-colored fillings to be permanently bonded to the tooth. We at Sea Smile International Dental Clinic have embraced this newer and more advanced dental technology and our dentists combines the skill and art in successfully carrying out such a procedure. Our dental practice is completely Mercury-Free.