LUMINEERS receives dozens of write-ups and features in major magazines, newspapers and on TV. The press loves LUMINEERS because this dramatic smile makeoverprocedure is pain-free and reversible!

News & Features

Press Articles

  • The June 6th issue of WOMAN'S WORLD features LUMINEERS as a "Beautiful Smile Breakthrough." Cecilia Burns, a badly tetracycline-stained case, is the LUMINEERS candidate quoted throughout the story. LUMINEERS are touted to "make even the darkest stains disappear - without grinding."
  • LUMINEERS is noted in the Seen & Heard column of IN TOUCH's May 8th issue as one of the "goodies" that the Daytime Emmy host, Kelly Monaco, was given in her gift basket.
  • QUICK & SIMPLE'S May 2nd issue features a free LUMINEERS smile makeover in the Contests section under the column, "What Makes You Smile?" Readers send in a letter about what brings a smile to their face, along with a photo.
  • A "Star Smiles" story in O.K.'s April 3rd issue, where celebrity dentists, Michael Apa and Lana Rozenberg talk about how to get "movie-worthy teeth", mentions LUMINEERS as procedure that doesn't "involve shaving off any of the existing tooth." LUMINEERS is touted to "last up to 20 years" and the "advantage" that "if you want to have them removed, you still have your teeth intact underneath."
  • LUMINEERS are featured in a "Superstar Smiles!" Story in the April 17th of STAR as "ultra-thin sheaths of porcelain" that are "applied to individual teeth" and "unlike traditional veneers, your teeth are not filed down to fit!" LUMINEERS is also highlighted in its own section, Win a Superstar Smile! Worth $20,000, where one reader will win a LUMINEERS smile makeover.
  • The WIN IT! Blowout section of REDBOOK's April issue features Sapphire Light Whitening under the "Say Cheese!" column. The Sapphire Light is also used to cure LUMINEERS.

Press Video LUMINEERS is presently featured in a "Star Beauty Secrets" news segment on how celebrities achieve their best looks. The perfect smile is the most important accessory. Cameron Diaz is shown in the segment and quoted saying "โ€ฆfrom my experience, the women are the most beautiful is because of their smile"